WHO WE ARE Filly Biz
is an Italian fashion brand born by the passion of the architect Filly Cusenza for fiber art. She made artworks all over the world museum, and she finally decided to dedicate herself to fashion. For this reason, in 2016 she founded with her daughter Noemi Blando a niche brand for people who love fashion, art, creativity: Filly Biz.

CREATIONS Filly Biz creations are made in our Sicilian workshop in Bagheria (near the city of Palermo) to follow all phases of design and production. So Filly Biz' products are the perfect example of “Made in Italy”. The strong points of this project are the high quality of Filly Biz creations and the unique creativity of their design. 

Filly Biz wants to make people happy with fashion through its characters and colors. All our creations are inspired by the world of childhood, fantasy, and imagination.