#7.0 is a new adventure, for me, to face.

After a long-term experience in the
fashion system, I decided to dedicate a special collection to women, because they represent the emotion, the guide, the essence of style and curiosity.

Hence the idea to design a collection made of just one product: the T-shirt. Here, as in a painter’s white canvas, I decided to write and embroider desires, dreams, perfumes that smell of travels and smiles.

Women passions drop in these paintings  ready to wear, like petals in a starry night or pearls tucked between dreamy clouds.

I wanted to recreate some of these impressions in the magic and chic atmosphere of my first collection.

This character reflects the idea of a woman  who is capable to be a mother, a manager, a wife, and being at the same time sexy, active and fun.

Wherever she goes, in the office or out with friends, she can wear #7.0 with ease, being absolutely self-confident, because she always know who she is and how #7.0, represents her lively and romantic attitude, without influencing her way to be.

#7.0 is a thought that comes originally from my year of birth but represents also my way to perform one dream in a fashion concept, to devote to all the women who believe.