Rosalita McGee was born in 2005 as a firm of  design and Spanish manufacture  of  fashion for women,  full of colors that transforms the boring days special. Our collections are aimed at a  woman who is not afraid to show her optimism, joy and enthusiasm  in each of the moments of her life.

The brand name has a curious history that combines two songs:

  • Rosalita , from Bruce Springsteen's song 'Rosalita (Come out tonight)' ->  listen to the song

  • McGee , from Janis Joplin's song 'Me & Bobby McGee'
->  listen to  the song


From our Departments of Design and Pattern , we love experimenting with different materials and combinations thereof, and also with new production techniques . That is why each collection is full of innovative options, always giving continuity to our philosophy.

Since 2005, we renew ourselves, always keeping fresh our innovative design , our inexhaustible details, prints , and our innovative mix of colors that made the brand stand out since its inception



The way of working of the brand Rosalita McGee is based on the principles of quality , the innovative products and services and implementing efficient and clean. These qualities differentiate the brand and make it stand out in the market.

Rosalita McGee relies on the work and enthusiasm of the  different departments  that make up the structure of the company: design, marketing and communication, sales, export, IT, accounting, network of commercial agents, etc.

Rosalita McGee offers women  top quality designs  that combine classic and modern elements from the constant prism of color and joy. In this way, the garments are suitable and ideal for every occasion.