Thirty years of experience is a long story to tell, but it has one constant objective: to follow the path to creating a better product, making a treasure of the past and preserving genuine curiosity with regards to the new directions to be taken.

Barna Cashmere was born out of and lives through everything that makes life an adventure: the desire to learn, to see, to know and to test. It is a journey that Giuseppe Martini set out upon in the early 1980s, a journey upon which he was slowly joined by his family and people who have embraced his passion, together with the “do it well” philosophy.

Barna Cashmere’s journey brings with it deep knowledge of a precious material and professionalism that has grown in time, together with the constant desire to experiment, to apply the most advanced research and to innovate creating products that are thoroughly appreciated even by the most demanding clients. Extreme attention to innovation, selection of the finest yarns and the strong will to always keep pace with technology are matched with the experience and manual skills of the grand masters of weaving. Combining these factors with the talents of people who have always performed their job with love, Barna Cashmere can offer exclusive products, where the excellence of artisan production can also be achieved with machines.

For Barna Cashmere, the work is continuously improving to eliminate everything in the product that is superfluous, redundant and of little importance, at the same time preserving the exceptional nature of the details, which only the expert eye can notice. The future for Barna is close at hand and it is not in large numbers, but in the small yet important activities, which the individual can perform, day after day, thanks to passion for the production of the raw materials.



The total integration of every production and creative process within the company, and, therefore, without the need for any intermediaries, allows us to guarantee the very highest standards of quality and excellence, and offer a truly exclusive purchasing experience.

We are a small but genuine company that offers unique garments by focusing on experience and “doing things the right way”. Rather than overscale productions, we, thus, prioritise quality, attention to detail, and aesthetic research. Our minimalist aesthetic aims to go beyond the trends of the moment, to offer iconic garments, characterized by timeless beauty, looks and materials that transcend the seasons and years.


We offer true “Made in Italy” excellence by creating and manufacturing our products right where we live, in the green heart of Italy: Umbria, the land of cashmere.



Our extreme attention to innovation, selection of the very finest yarns and firm will to keep up with the pace of technology are paired with experience and the manual skills of great master weavers. Combining these factors with the abilities of those who have always worked with passion, Barna Cashmere is able to offer exclusive products where the excellence of craftsmanship can also be achieved with machinery.


Our yarns arrive in the company only after the strictest selection process. They are procured only from the very best Italian spinning mills, and are all strictly certified. We respect the environment by using natural fibres, which, thanks to our experience and constant research, we are able to transform into precious, unique fabrics and garments.


All our processes emerge from the great skill of our expert craftspeople. Every Barna Cashmere product is a symbol of Italian tradition, an expression of dexterity and craftsmanship handed down from generation to generation in our company.


The added value of Barna Cashmere also comes from the fifteen people who, every day, bring their humanity, professionalism and long experience into play within our company. Our employees work with a profound sense of responsibility towards their company, which they live and breathe not merely as an employer but as a family, bringing their skills into play on a daily basis, with the shared goal of “doing things in the best possible way”.