Massimo Molina

Massimo Molina born into a family of knitwear designers and manufactures, his experiences of developing and creativing knitwear started an early age. Whilst his studying at the “Economy and Commerce” University of Milan, he began to design knitwear collections as consultant, using both the knowledge gained within his economy culture and production experience who learnt from his family. In the 1995 the satisfaction and the consent obtained by Massimo Molina made him to decide to present his first collection of knitwear for men and women and in a few seasons, has landed in the best boutiques in the world.

Knitting as a way of life. Sweaters which belong to the person and become an element of expression. Sweaters to which we become attached, which become part of own life because they last over time. A second skin where feel good. Fashion fades but style remains. Knitting forever!